Scania DC112 10 R440 Engine – Euro 5

Good Quality Scania DC13 112 Engine

Engine Information

DC13 112 Engine. 440hp. SCR EXHAUST TYPE

2013 Engine

In Stock and Immediately Available

Scania DC13 112 SCR engine – please note this is not the EGR Version DC13 10 R440. There is a difference in the block, this is a EURO 5/6 Version (latest type). DC13 engines have a coherent issue with the block and head face due to corrosion and internal block fracture. It is deemed that these issues are not repairable however, the engines we sell as complete do not have any indication of this common fault. Due to the issues faced by the DC13 engines, we can only offer start up warranty on this engine.

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Scania DC13 112 Complete Engine
Complete Engines in Good Running Condition
All Core Spare Parts available for this engine.
Engine Blocks | Cylinder Heads | Crankshafts | Pistons and Con Rods | Camshafts

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