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Terms and Conditions of Sales and Purchases

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

We reserve the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior notice. For any further information on our goods terms and conditions, please contact us on +44(0)1384 213366.

Goods Supplied by F&J Exports Ltd

Our stock is all used and derived from dismantled automotive stock, often involved in RTA or an End of Life Vehicle. With respect, there is no warranty implied or given with any of our stock unless stated otherwise. This is reflected in our exceptional pricing. In most cases, we can discuss exchange or part-exchange offers for goods.

Our goods are visually inspected and the key mechanics are inspected to ensure they are fit for purpose and aesthetically sound. Our mechanical inspection determines whether the engine/part turn freely and establishes any missing or broken parts.

Our visual inspection is non-evasive and ensures no significant visible flaws in the goods. This is 100% the case with any part that requires new gaskets or seals once dismantled. It is not within our business activities to carry out NDT in any form unless the customer requests this, at their cost. Should you require further testing, we have close supplier relations with engine reconditioners, cylinder head testers, and engineers who can offer more information and testing services.

Visiting Our Site

Please ensure all reasonable precautions are taken when visiting our site from a health and safety aspect. We recommend high visibility jackets and steel protected shoes as a minimum safety precaution. ELP and Hard hats will be provided at our premises.

We urge all visitors not to climb the engine stock. If you require a closer inspection of an engine amongst the stock, please notify a member of staff who will assist you. We hold no responsibility for any injuries incurred from climbing or mishandling engines or goods in our yard/premises.

Engines Warranty – Complete Engines

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure the engine purchased is fit for the vehicle application. Where possible, we will offer expert advice to help the customer in selecting the correct engine for their requirements.

We do not hold any responsibility should the engine not be the correct type or model. This is the key reason why we invite the customer to view physical stock at our yard and we can provide any information, including photographs and any technical data we can retrieve from the engine.

We can offer exchanges for engines with significant damage/faults for the core parts, with used parts from our stock. It is important to state that at the managers discretion we can offer a justifiable recompense towards the cost of any repair or new parts should the situation prevail.

Justifiable recompense is based on the contract value with F&J Exports Ltd and not that of the repair or replacement cost. We will calculate a just and fair value. We do not offer any exchange or resolve any issues with ancillaries, unless agreed by the managing directors. If you have any issue with engines purchased from F&J Exports, we always allow full discussions and negotiations with our sales team and directors. In the event of additional labour costs incurred in fitting a replacement engine, F&J Exports will honor some recompense based on our contract value and profit margin only. Again, this is at the director’s discretion. Please email or telephone within 3 Days of receiving the engine (3 days from date of arrival for export clients) to notify us of any significant issues or discrepancies in quality.

We understand the importance of not removing cylinder heads and pressured engine components in light of the requirements to replace gaskets, seals and other wearing parts etc. However, it is always recommended that with purchases of short or long engines, customers accommodate and install new engine wearing parts such as gaskets, seals, liners, shell bearings and rings.

It is not possible to determine in detail the condition of short and long engines without removing the cylinder heads and sump to identify the internal condition. It is at the directors discretion to determine if there is a core part fault or 3rd party mechanic fault, notwithstanding the potential for goodwill offers in light of future potential business, even when there is no core part fault in our directors opinion.

We do not have facilities which can test run the engines, unless the engine is currently in the vehicle. In some cases, we can offer videos of engines running and do our own testing methods to determine engine quality which can be provided to customer on request. These videos are for evidence of running purposes only and customer can ask for more in depth analysis prior to purchase. We can ensure the engine turns and can label these engines as “good” engines. In the cases of a fire damaged engine, the customer will be notified.

Core Spare Parts – Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Crankshafts, Pistons and Connecting Rods etc.

Exchanges for Cylinder Blocks and Crankshafts are at the director’s discretion and are subject to stock availability. Cylinder heads are not tested unless requested at cost to the customer. We take all reasonable visual inspections for all core spare parts to ensure the items are in sound aesthetic order.

Ancillaries – Turbo, Starters, Alternators, Injectors, Fuel Pumps, Oil/Water Pumps, Sump etc.

Our stock of ancillaries will derive from complete engines which are stripped due to customer demand or engines which do not pass inspection.

We offer our ancillaries on a sold as seen basis. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all visual inspections at our premises are done and any technical checks are done prior to purchase.

We do not hold any responsibility for the internal components of the goods. With respect, we do not allow goods to be taken away by the customer and tested, then returned to us as failed.

Metal Recycling

Any discrepancies within any load from F&J Exports Ltd should be notified immediately. We have a fully operational and calibrated weighbridge and therefore take all reasonable action to ensure weights printed are accurate. Furthermore, we have the option, should the customer wish so, to retrieve a second weight from a public weighbridge.

We reserve the right to use any third party supplier/Haulier we feel suits our business and contract requirements. We procure from various contractors based on quality of service provided, price and reliability.

In the event of any disagreement or issues surrounding the credibility of any third party supplier, please ensure our directors are notified immediately. If goods are damaged in transit, this issue is to be notified to our Managing Director and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure our customers’ requirements are met.

Payment for Goods

Goods are required to be paid for prior to goods leaving our premises for all customers. We have PDQ card facilities for telephone payment and payment at premises for all major credit cards (operated by Barclays Business Banking). Debit card payments are free of charge; however, Credit card payments incur a 2% fee on total value of invoice.

Proforma invoices can be issued on request via email to notify payment values. Credit facilities are offered to customers with long standing and well established relationships with our business.

Please note we do not offer credit to new customers as refusal may offend. We accept cheques from reputable customers; however, it is company policy not to receive cheques from customers without the funds clearing in the bank prior to goods being despatched/collected. In the event a cheque is stopped and good have been taken, we expect the goods to be paid for within 24hours via another means, otherwise this will result in prompt legal action.

Our Purchases – Selling to F&J

Where agreed, we will ensure prompt and efficient payment via the customer’s preferred method. Our facilities allow us to pay via Cheque, BACS/Online Transfer and Card where suitable. We aim to ensure all loads are quality checked and analysed and confirmed within 24 hours of delivery.

We negotiate prices with the person responsible for selling the items and negotiating prices only. F&J Exports Ltd reserve the right to withhold payment until any dispute or discrepancies in quality, quantity and suitability are resolved.

We reserve the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior notice. For any further information on our goods terms and conditions, please contact us on +44(0)1384 213366 or email enquiries@fandjexports.com

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