Health & Safety

We are committed and understand our responsibilities towards the health and safety of our workforce and visitors. Our management team ensure our approach to health and safety is to plan, deliver, monitor and review the hazards involved in the operational activities of the business. Importantly, we ensure our staff are involved in planning and reporting health and safety issues to management in order to ensure we maintain our exceptionally low accident frequency rate.

Our staff ensure all tasks and methods are carried out with reference to risk assessments created internally, with reference to guidlines from the Health and Safety Executive. For further information on  occupational health and safety guidelines visit

External Contractors

All external contractors are required to complete our Permit to Work document and provide proof of their public indemnity insurance prior to work starting. Please email or call the F&J Exports Office for further information.

F&J Exports are fully committed to protecting the Environment as given in our Environmental Policy set out by our management.

In order to comply with the latest environmental legislation and permitting rules, we have a dedicated member of staff proving competence and compliance under the WAMITAB scheme. This allows us to conduct business activities in End-of-life-Vehicles and Depollution, ensuring hazardous waste, general waste separation and H&S is of paramount importance.

We are fully licenced environmentally with the Environment Agency as an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), holding a Standard Permit allowing F&J Exports to work with End-of-Life-Vehicles. Our commitment towards the environment is evident as we are working towards the ISO14001 certification.

Implementing an Environmental management system has allowed us to work with companies internationally understanding best practice in environmental performance. We always ensure we plan, monitor action and review our policies and regularly update our environmental targets alongside our corporate objectives.

F&J Exports Ltd recycling and distribution activities are governed by a number of Environmental regulations. We are fully aware of our responsibilities and work with the Environment Agency to ensure that standards are maintained, being proactive in arranging regular audits. Importantly, our staff are committed to continuous improvement to develop activities in an effort to minimise the business’ impact on the environment. We always seek advice and liaise with stakeholders to implement external expertise where possible.

As part of our policy to reduce our environmental impacts and drive out any inefficiency in our business operations, we actively monitor the following consumption rates:

  • Electricity
  • CO²
  • Water
  • Bottled Gases – Argon, Oxygen and Propane
  • General and Commercial Waste

Our aim is to ensure we reduce, reuse and recycle where possible to ensure continuous improvement annually.

In line with our environmental principles, we aim to minimise the waste we produce by partnering with modern technologies and customers who employ Refuse Derived fuel systems. We understand our responsibility and we aim to place our recycled metal with larger companies, who hold ISO14001 and maintain a thorough environmental policy.

Our general waste is minimal however, collected by private waste carriers who provide us the facilities to separate general waste onsite, into Paper, plastics, card and aluminium. We aim to implement a zero printing policy to ensure all paper documents and filing is stationed on our online server and electronic mail server. In turn, we encourage our customers and suppliers to adopt the same.