DAF XF Range

The DAF XF has been, and still is, one of the most popular trucks in the UK. The truck is one of the few remaining vehicles still built in the north of England at the famous British Leyland factory. Since their inception in 1997, the XF range has ably supported the transport and logistics industry across the whole of Europe.

Brief History

The first ever vehicle in the range was the 95 XF, this truck was born from the old DAF 95 truck which had the 11.6 litre engine, commonly named the 1160. The new XF had a  redesigned 12.6 litre engine and was available in horsepowers ranging from 380 to 530. In 2002 the engine was again updated. The mechanical fuel pump was replaced with an electronic ‘UPEC’ pump with unit injectors, but maintained the same outputs as it’s predecessor. This truck was available until 2005.

With European emissions standards ever changing and after DAF was purchased by American giants Paccar, DAF released a new truck onto the market to satisfy Euro 4/5 standards, the XF 105. This stylish new model was again, fitted with a new engine. The Paccar MX 12.9 litre engine ranged from 410 to 510 hp in the XF 105 (a 360 hp variant was available on the CF 85) and was equipped with the latest Adblue technology.

Here at F&J Exports, we have a good stock of XF engines ranging from the mechanical fuel pump 1260’s all the way to the Euro 5 Paccar MX engines. We also stock these engines in a range of different horsepowers so sufficing our customer’s requirements is rarely a problem.

DAF XF Engine Range

DAF XF 105.510 Euro 4/5MX 375 S1
MX 375 S2
MX 375 U1
MX 375 U2
DAF XF 105.460 Euro 4/5MX 340 S1
MX 340 S2
MX 340 U1
MX 340 U2
DAF XF 105.410 Euro 4/5MX 300 S1
MX 300 S2
MX 300 U1
MX 300 U2
DAF XF 95.530 Euro 3XE 390 C1260 UPEC
DAF XF 95.480 Euro 3XE 355 C1260 UPEC
DAF XF 95.430 Euro 3XE 315 C1260 UPEC
DAF XF 95.380 Euro 3XE 280 C1260 UPEC
DAF XF 95.530 Euro 2XF 360 M1260 Mechanical
DAF XF 95.480 Euro 2XF 355 M1260 Mechanical
DAF XF 95.430 Euro 2XF 315 M1260 Mechanical
DAF XF 95.380 Euro 2XF 280 M1260 Mechanical
DAF 95.300 ATIWS 2221160 ATI
DAF 95.310 ATIWS 2251160 ATI
DAF 95.330 ATIWS 2421160 ATI
DAF 95.350 ATIWS 2591160 ATI
DAF 95.360 ATIWS 2681160 ATI
DAF 95.360 ATIWS 2701160 ATI
DAF 95.380 ATIWS 2821160 ATI
DAF 95.430 ATIWS 3151160 ATI